Original equipment

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) have been turning to Velgio Products for many years. Velgio has gained the experience to design, develop and manufacture windshield wiper systems to meet the stringent requirements of most OEMs.

Beam blades continue to grow rapidly in popularity among Original Equipment manufactures, especially in using for the vast majority of new models. Designed with sleek modern styling to compliment the aesthetics of today's vehicles, Velgio wiper blades have the look and function of the latest OE blades, but with the value-added performance of Teflone surface protector. Each blade features a 'skin coating' that seals the aerodynamic spoiler to protect it from the elements for superior all weather performance.

VELGIO's cross-functional teams work very closely with the program teams of OE customers and are involved in all phases of a program launch including planning, product Design and Development, process Design and Development, Product and Process Validation, Program Launch.

Products subscribes to warranty information collected by the Original Equipment Manufacturers.

Using the Velgio Wiper Blade you can expect:
  • All-weather/winter design for resistance to cold weather conditions, no icing (metal parts perform better over the plastic parts used in other wiper blade designs)
  • High quality performance at all speeds, in all conditions
  • Revolutionary aerodynamic design with reduced vibration and judder
  • Enhanced aero-acoustics for low wind noise

Ultra flat blade for improved drivers visibility

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