Flat wiper blade


These new wiper blades are suitable for cars with wipers ranging from 330 up to 700 mm. They do not have metal supporting frame. Rubber blade is attached directly to side springs and, thanks to specific shape, blades stay as aerodynamic as they possibly can. Special shape of rubber blade and lack of metal frame improve adhesion to the windshield. Majority of new cars are equipped in flat wiper blades.

Side springs - made of highly springy steel with resistance above 2000 N/mm2, coated with plastic layer (bezalplast) resistant to UV radiation and environmental conditions (salts, acids, air pollution).

Metal wiper blade parts are made from aluminum and zinc alloys.

Rubber blade - made of compound based only on natural rubber (without synthetic elastomer), Teflone and 12 other chemical components with graphite supplement, improving coefficient of friction and eliminating operational noise. Use of graphite at the stage of blending the compound eliminates graphite residues on the windshield, which often takes place with competitive products that are only surface-coated. Velgio wiper blades and rubbers fully comply to OE standards regarding mechanical properties, wiping effectiveness and ozone resistance.

Teflone surface protector infused rubber-wiping element, which helps ensure a smoother, quieter wipe and longer life.

Plastics - made of PBT (Polybuthylene Terephthalate) - technical material with perfect mechanical properties and high resistance to environmental conditions.

Actually, vast majority of new cars are equipped in flat wiper blades. However, they have different kinds of joints with arms.

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