Wiper blade arms

Of the entire range of Velgio products, wiper arms prove to be most durable and corrosion-resistant. In the rigorous salt chamber testing process, they achieve a result of well above 480 hours (ASTM B - 117 criteria). Compact, all-metal construction of arms as well as highest quality raw used for their production provide perfect stiffness, which allows for reliable wiper operation regardless of temperature conditions.

Metal parts:
  • Made of strain-hardened steel sheets with anti-corrosion aluzinc coating above 25mm,
  • Rolled, zinc-coated steel bars of improved stiffness (C45 material), with calibrated arm tip for easy and reliable wiper assembly,
  • Arm heads made of aluminum or aluzinc,
  • Sleeves and rivets manufactured on precision turning lathes, made of certified, corrosion-resistant raw materials,
  • Specially designed, purpose-manufactured springs and joints (CII material), selected to comply with most rigorous dynamic requirements. These provide prefect pressure of wiper blade against the windscreen in all conditions.

Head cover - made of PBT (Polybutylene Terephthalate) - a plastic resin of exceptional mechanical properties and high endurance to atmospheric factors.

Coating - paint: polyester resin of high resistance to UV radiation and atmospheric factors (salts, acids, exhaust pollution).

The manufacturing process is constantly monitored with the help of statistical methods. Additionally, wiper arms are periodically tested to achieve constant, highest-quality level.

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