Standard wiper blade

Wiper blade, designed and produced by Velgio, has a special Teflone surface protector, wich infuse rubber-wiping element, which helps ensure a smoother, quieter wipe and longer life. The blade is safely protected by high strength polymer hinged shell .

The one-piece wiper structure resists snow and ice clogging making it a great choice for all weather performance.

The most prominent feature of Velgio standard wiper blades is versatility of applications. Thanks to a complete adaptor system, they can be mounted on vast majority of cars to be found all over the world .

Anti-corrosion resistance: above 480 hours (salt chamber test, specifications in acc. with ASTM B - 117).

Rubber blade - made of a rubber compound based on 100 per cent natural rubber, Teflone and 12 other chemical compounds with addition of graphite which improves friction factor and prevents noisy wiper operation. A unique technology of adding graphite on the compound level - rather than spraying it on the surface - eliminates any residue on the windscreen.

Side stringers - made of acid-resistant steel 1.4310 (2H18N9) of strength exceeding 1800 N/sq. mm.

Metal parts (brackets) - made of strain-hardened steel sheets with anti-corrosion aluzinc coating above 25mm.

Plastic parts - made of PBT (Polybutylene Terephthalate) - a plastic resin of exceptional mechanical properties and high endurance to atmospheric factors.

Coating - paint: polyester resin of high resistance to UV radiation and atmospheric factors (salts, acids, exhaust pollution).

Teflone surface protector infused rubber-wiping element, which helps ensure a smoother, quieter wipe and longer life.

Standard wiper blades owe their superb quality and wiping performance thank's to highest quality components and raw materials used for production.

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